Here are a few issues that are important to me.

Economic and Neighborhood Development

District 12 can be a model, as we add the Public Market, redevelop Oscar Mayer, and recruit and retain local businesses. I will ensure that development benefits our neighborhoods by:

Quality Affordable Housing

As Madison grows, we must make sure our neighbors and local businesses aren't priced out of the area. I will support a mix of affordable, workforce and market rate housing by:

Equity Across All Issues

We can no longer accept a Madison where race limits access to education, employment, security or health. I will combat racial and socioeconomic disparities by:

Environment and Sustainability

We must clean up pollution and prepare for the impacts of climate change. I will further Madison's sustainability and resilience by:

Community Health and Safety

We must address the root causes of conflict and crime, so everyone can feel safe. I will grow community partnerships and supports by:

Transportation Alternatives

We must relieve stresses on our roads and buses by making public transportation more accessible and convenient. I will expand transportation options by: